Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Welcome Back to New Orleans...No, wait, go back!

Salaam alaikum,

Why didn't Mayor Nagin wait until the city was back to some semblence of order before he started inviting people back? My mother and I are looking at him on television as if he has really lost it. But considering the stress he's under, maybe he has lost it. Everybody knows that hurricane season tends to intensify in the month of September. The Gulf waters are very warm now. And with Hurricane Rita barreling towards Texas, his call to return was too soon.

We're not going back until October and then depends on if we get anymore flood water in our neighborhood. Right now, we have 1.2 feet of water back home. Our house may have trumbled and fell apart from being soaked in the fetid, toxic water. When we do go back, it will only be to survey the damage and get our cars from the airport.

My father suspects that they are anxious to get the city back in order because they don't want to lose the Bayou Classic, the Sugar Bowl and possibly, the Superbowl. Gee, we can't lose that tourist element.

Man, for an Eid gift, I want a new government.


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