Thursday, October 27, 2005

Some Newlings

Head of New Orleans' Levee Board Quits

Floridians Again Find Gas in Short Supply

Protesters mark 2,000th U.S. fatality in Iraq

Like lines for Wilma aid, anger grows

And some news from NOLA C3, a anti-war, activist group fighting against evictions in post Hurricane Katrina New Orleans.

Press conference to be held 9am Thursday:

Stop The Evictions of the Residents of the Lewisburg Apartments!

The residents of Lewisburg Apartments in the Terrytown section of Gretna are fighting an attempt the by the owner of the complex to evict them from their homes. The management of Lewisburg Apartments has refused tenants offers to pay rents. Now the same management has secured eviction orders against the complex's tenants for non-payment of rent! The tenants of Lewisburg Apartments is determined to fight this eviction.

The residents of Lewisburg Apartments know full well that eviction in the midst of the dire shortage of affordable housing in post-Katrina New Orleans could well be a guarantee of homelessness. They know full well that the owners of Lewisburg are using "non-payment" of rent as a pretext to open up the complex to those who can afford to pay double or perhaps triple the current rate. The residents of Lewisburg Apartments also know full well that a respect for basic human need and justice requires that they resist this immoral and heartless attempted eviction.

Press Conference Lewisburg Apartments Tenants Association.
9am, Thursday.
October 27, 2005.1968
Forest Lawn Drive.
Lewisburg Apartments.
Gretna, Louisiana.


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