Friday, October 07, 2005

Some News from the Northshore

Alhumdulilah, I am on the North Shore. The North Shore has grown by 80,000. Stores are basically normal, just closing earlier. Wal-mart is, well, Wal-mart. But other stores are not really crowded. Gas is available, but sometimes stations run out and you need to drive 1/2 mile to find gas. So, never let the tank get to empty. I'm near Mandeville/ Covington ... things are about 85- 90% of normal. Hammond is 100% normal (i'm working in a hospital there).

Southshore ... Metairie .. main problem is lack of workers. McDonald's is drive-thru from 10-4 pm only. Sam's, Dorignac's, etc are open and not too crowded. They let people in in small groups. The biggest problem is garbage everywhere... they need about 1 month to clean that up. I suspect that people will return when that disappears. Then people will live in apartments or FEMA trailers as they transition to repairing their homes. Then businesses will grow again. Whole Foods is busing people from Baton Rouge to work. New Orleans is just scary .... nothing more to comment on that.


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