Monday, May 01, 2006

You Just Can't Kill That Party Spirit

New Orleans Gears Up for Jazz Fest

New Orleans Jazz Fest: celebration among the ruins

And, in other news....

Irma Thomas, the New Orleans Queen of Soul, talks about life after Katrina

Senate Panel Recommends Abolishing FEMA

Bush visits New Orleans as FEMA criticized

Katrina Report Rips the Bush Admin. Again


At 10:45 AM, Blogger Dana said...

I hope you don't mind that I pop into your blog...

While the government sits around trying to figure out what to do, there are people out there trying to help others rebuild. Cholene Espinoza wrote a book entitled "Through the Eye of the Storm" that chronicles her journey to Delisle/Pass Christian to lend a hand. I encourage everyone to purchase a copy! I am from Northern Michigan and although I wanted to do something to help, in reality I did nothing. Cholene took immediate action to help people and her actions continue as all proceeds from the book go to help build a community center. The press release can be read here:


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